Haut Monde VIP is well established, disciplined and professional company that offer both international and domestic party goers an unforgettable VIP services. We give people access to pick and choose what country or city to experience their nightlife with class.

VIP Services

Many individuals have the money to spend on entertainment when they travel but they lack the knowledge and connections that would guarantee them an unforgettable experience in a specific city. Haut Monde VIP will offer international VIP services to provide clients with high-class entertainment, nightlife, and parties in a variety of locations around the world. Through Haut Monde VIP, clients can book weekends in select locations, where they will be treated like stars and see the best of what the area has to offer.

Haut Monde will plan out the client's entire trip, from being picked up from Clients location/airport in a limo, driven to a hotel, restaurant and escorted to high-end nightclubs. Each trip can be custom planned to suit the client's preferences, and standard packages will have numerous add-ons to enhance the experience. Some of the add-ons are the video and photos option. Our partner, MannySkillz Filmz will provide video and photo services where a client can choose to document they whole weekend or night out like a reality format style of shoot. The Company's basic services will include:

  1. Access to the top VIP spots
  2. Limo Services
  3. Exotic car rentals
  4. Birthday packages
  5. Special Events
  6. Corporate Events
  7. Special attractions
  8. Hotels and restaurants
  9. Video/Photo Services